From the 5th world of WATER, B8V8 is a sentient being.  He is able to communicate with spirits, immortals, aliens, and makes rare appearances when needed in human affairs.  He is often seen battling with other immortals, and alien overlords such as the alien ambassador 2675 and the extremely powerful mortal - captain collapse.   The 5th world of WATER is rumored to contain many of the elements needed to create all mortals and immortals.  B8V8 gaurds both the mysterious hidden ice world, and the shadow world, where only immortals are allowed to travel.  97 percent of living creatures are not even aware of the shadow world.  Several tunnels invisible to normal light are thought to be hidden and protected by B8V8.  He poseses the strength of 8 immortals combined, and all the locked wisdom of the first known immortal.    He does not chose sides in times of conflict and prefers to let nature and the flow of the 5th world WATER decide.